Come to us in Townsville for all your personal or business engraving needs, we can engrave on most materials including plastics (traffolyte/gravoply), switch-plates, brass, aluminium, glass and gift ware.

We use high tech machinery that can handle large batches of plate engraving through to etching unique gift items. Using the latest computerised technology we engrave using both rotary and laser engravers suitable for:

  • Indoor and outdoor signage
  • Name badges
  • Equipment labels
  • Pet tags
  • Trophies and awards
  • Glass
  • Crystal

We can custom-make these products and engrave them to your specifications, or otherwise bring in your own items to us for engraving.

Our team can perform laser etching, precision laser marking for identification, decoration and branding. Your custom designs can be etched onto stainless and other metal services as well as plastic.


townsville_engraving_worx_infillbrass plaque1 townsville_engraving_worx_Infilled_Aluminium townsville_engraving_worx_Infilled_brass_plaque_clear_finish2 townsville_engraving_worx_rotary_engraving_brass